Age: 49
Now: Lost11kgsofweight
Duration of Treatment: 2months

Age: 14
Now: Lost9kgsofweight
Duration of Treatment: 3months

Age: 69
Diabetic since 25yrs on insulin
Hypertensive since 15yrs on oral medication
Now: Lost8kgsofweight
Insulin dose reduced to 18 units from 68 units
Non-hypertensive status
Duration of Treatment: 1.5Months

Age: 42
Early Diabetic
Now: Lost 16 kgs of weight
Duration of Treatment: 3 months

Age: 52
Diabetic since 15yrs
Now: Lost 37 kgs of weight
Insulin dose reduced to
No Insulin from 150 units daily
Duration of Treatment: 6 Months

Mr. Sudheer Babu:

Initially I was hesitant to go for weight loss treatment from ReLiv as lot of assumption(almost all are baseless) on weight reduction in our society. The basic fact is we Telugu’s are thindipriyulu. This is the main cause of gaining weight in our society.
But with 127kg weight with at the age of 50yrs , and hypertension, I felt it is the high time to reduce the weight (This weight gain for me based on various incl hereditary, odd working hours,and extensive travelling across the globe.).

After consulting the doctors from ReLiv, I felt confident, as they are scientific, not based on assumptions. I started my treatment from 13th July 2020.I left everything on the experienced team of ReLiv and followed exactly what they instructed, not listening to various assumptions circulating in our society (like eating on time, eating 3 times a day ,eating fruits etc). Only followed the advise of the expert doctors at ReLiv.

With in 3 months I have reduced my weight by 26kg. With improved immunity, not being hypertensive anymore and no more snoring.

With my experience, this treatment is very scientific and effective. This treatment makes reversal of age, makes you younger. It is much better than going under knife for surgery. After the treatment I have improved my food discipline, what to eat and what not.

With no side effects if maintained proper food habits (as guided by ReLiv doctors
and regular exercises, I believe we can maintain proper health and controlled weight for the rest of life.

These r my sincere opinions after taking this treatment. Just erase all assumptions and listen and follow new diet and lifestyle as instructed by ReLiv doctors (yes it May b difficult, but best health is nothing more than any)

Mr. Ravikanth:

Diabetic since 24 yrs on 98 units of Insulin, Hypertensive for 8 years on oral medication, raised Serum creatinine.*

ReLiv gives the best medication.

Complete blood works, right supplements, proper diet, everyday morning weight n bp and diabetic levels monitoring…

Monitoring continuously hour to hour.

It changes our lifestyle @what to eat and what not to. Within 1 and a half month, my hubby lost his weight by 10kgs. From 84kgs to 74kgs.

Now no Hypertension. No tablet.

Diabetes level in the normal range and creatinine level came to 1. And insulin dosage reduced to 28 units once a day.

Really I am very happy to share with you all my friends.

From my childhood friend, we got the best gift (ReLiv Treatment)